Group of 10 people
€ 5450
Price per person
International flight excl.
Apr 26 - May 10, 2024
THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM OF MUSTANG - there are places on earth that you definitely want to go to, because it's challenging, far away and mysterious! It will be a real expedition, like in the novels of Jules Verne. Let's go see the roof of the world and a rare Tibetan ritual!
You and I will go to the little-known Nepalese kingdom of Lo, or, as it is also called, Upper Mustang, where it seems that nothing has changed in the last hundreds of years. Mustang is called "the lost Tibetan kingdom" for a reason. Foreigners were only allowed to visit it in 1991, but even today, getting there requires expensive permission from the Nepalese authorities. I invite you to a place where antiquity has not yet been destroyed by globalization!
The main goal of the trip will be the oldest festival on the planet, "Mystery Tiji" in the capital of the kingdom, there I will show you the mystical dance "sham" and dancers in 300-year-old masks. You'll explore the caves where the Garuda Bird People lived, monasteries and gompa temples, visit a Tibetan doctor of medicine, Amchi, and learn all about the area's culture and its mystical Bon religion.
Panoramic views of the mountains Nilgiri, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and other Himalayan giants await you. An expedition to these places usually takes more than 10 days of hiking, but I suggest you shorten this difficult journey to 5 days and we drive it by jeeps with local drivers, which makes this trip as comfortable and time-efficient as possible. And you will also have a private flight over the Himalayas by helicopter, so beautiful that it will rightfully become the pearl of this trip!
See one of the oldest cities in Asia, the capital of Nepal, the city of Kathmandu, which is more than 3000 years old, and learn a lot of unusual things from the author of this journey, Ukrainian researcher Tamara Chitaia.
Meet a living goddess, learn how she becomes one, visit her palace and receive her blessing.
Get on one of the rarest and secret routes in the Himalayas by jeep and see the customs and unusual architecture of the kingdom of Lo, called "Lost Tibet" or "Forbidden Kingdom".
Become a participant in the oldest festival of the planet "Victory over Evil" or "Mystery of Tiji", where you can see the unique dances of priests in 300-year-old masks.
Travel by jeep with local drivers along the ancient salt road that connected Tibet and India many centuries ago.
Find out who amchis are, undergo testing using the methods of Tibetan medicine and learn about the wind in your body, get recommendations and become healthy forever.
Take the most beautiful helicopter flight over the Himalayas, you will see the peaks of the Himalayan mountain range Annapurna (8091 m).
To visit a cave city on a steep rock, where, according to legends, bird people called garudas lived, where there are no roads and paths, but you will still find yourself inside.
Learn to play the Tibetan singing bowl yourself and heal yourself with sound using the technology of the Tibetan monks.
Enjoy spa treatments in one of the most beautiful hotels in Nepal with a view of the lakes and peaks of the Annapurna massif 8091 meters above sea level.
This trip takes place in a small group (no more than 10 people), each participant is given maximum attention for the highest level of comfort. The founder of the "Chitaia Club", experienced travel designer and active travel expert, historian and researcher Tamara Chitaia will personally accompany you throughout the journey. The group is also accompanied by an expedition team of proven local guides, transporters and scientific experts. Every detail of the trip and the entire route in general are checked and planned by the Club in advance, with some free time. In excursion work, the Club involves local specialists in ethnography, history, and also enriches the trip with cultural events and meetings with interesting people, so that you can fully experience the visited area. The country's best 5-star hotels and warm mountain guest houses welcome you - the best available at altitudes from 2,000 to 5,000 meters above sea level.

The start and finish of the trip is the city of Kathmandu (Nepal) or Kyiv (Ukraine), where the author of the trip is traveling from, you can join her (the road from Ukraine to the airport city is paid for independently). Kathmandu can be reached by one-stop flights from Vienna, Chisinau or Warsaw, there are no direct flights to Nepal from Europe.
**By clicking the "Book now" button and filling out the registration form, you reserve a place in a group of 10 people, but if you do not want to travel with strangers, you can book this tour for your individual group of relatives and friends from 2 to 10 people - just let us know your wishes!
  • Price includes:
    • Group leader services and professional excursions, extensive knowledge of Nepalese history and ethnography from Ukrainian researcher and historian Tamara Chitaia throughout the trip, performed in English and Ukrainian
    • Services of local escorts and representatives of authorities, researchers and transporters
    • Annapurna Mountain Track Pass ($55 per person)
    • Permit to stay on the territory of the Forbidden Kingdom of Mustang ($500 per person)
    • TIMS Card is a mandatory requirement of the Nepalese authorities for those who go to the mountains
    • Transfers from/to Kathmandu International Airport on recommended flights
    • Three domestic flights Kathmandu-Pokhara, Jomsom-Pokhara, Pokhara-Kathmandu
      Helicopter tour to Annapurna Base Camp
    • Jeep rental and hiring of drivers, 3 people in a jeep, Toyota 4x4 jeeps or similar with four-wheel drive
    • Fuel for the mountain expedition part of the jeep trip
    • Luxury accommodation in 5* hotels, the best available on the mountain track
    • Meals: breakfasts, welcome dinner from the Club on the first day of arrival in Nepal, breakfasts on a mountain jeep journey in the Himalayas
    • Entrance tickets to national natural parks, all permits for the mountain route
    • All entrance tickets to the museums for Kathmandu two-day sightseeing tour (Swayambu Stupa, Boudhnath, Pashupatinath Temple, Durbar Square)
    • Sightseeing with professional guides and historians
    • Master class on sound healing of Tibetan singing bowls
    • Leader's first aid kit with the necessary first aid medicine
  • Price excludes:
    • International flight (for example, from €1100/person on the route Vienna-Doha-Kathmandu-Doha-Vienna, Qatar Airways)
    • Nepal visa (made upon arrival at the airport, cost about €35)
    • Food and drinks not included in the program (specified in each day)
    • Personal expenses
    • Personal medicines, hygiene products
    • Medical insurance (required for active recreation such as hiking at altitude, coverage for COVID treatment is optional)
    • Tipping local guides and drivers (optional but customary in Nepal)
The program may change slightly in the event of force majeure circumstances, such as cancellation of domestic flights, natural disasters, road collapses, etc. The tour leader will make every effort to ensure that all sightseeing and locations listed in the program above are visited.

Most of the expenses for the organization of the trip — air tickets for domestic flights, reservations of other types of transport, accommodation, excursions, services of local escorts, transporters and guides, etc. — are paid by the Chitaia Club in advance, long before the trip, prepayment for the trip, in case of your refusal, is not returned, and there is no way to return it.
My group trips in Nepal (2010-21)
Nepal with Tamara Chitaia
Georgia with Tamara Chitaia
"An amazing trip that changed my understanding of life in many ways. Thanks to Tamara Chitaia, she gave a lot of knowledge about Nepal and shared the secrets of the archeology of this region, we even visited a closed private museum where we saw the oldest book of the Bon religion, Tibetan shamanism, written on the skin, you can only see such a thing with her! I fell in love with the Himalayas, thanks to this researcher!"

Olena Sereda,
Kyiv October 15, 2015
Friends, I sincerely advise everyone to visit this friendly, hospitable, singing, dancing, delicious country. Georgia is my love, I adore it! And if you go there with Tamara and George Chitaia, consider yourself lucky. You hit the jackpot! Unforgettable experiences, pleasant surprises, good company, delicious meals and much more await you on this trip. You can see such corners of Georgia where no tourist route passes. Go, meet, conquer, enjoy... Georgia is waiting for you!

Natalia Mozolevska,
Kyiv September 20, 2019
Tibet with Tamara Chitaia
Uzbekistan with Tamara Chitaia
"So the magical journey to Kathmandu and Tibet ended. Today we are flying home. Emotions are running high, impressions are a size of the sea! I thank the team of organizers of Chitaia Club and personally Tamara and George Chitaia for the wonderful trip. It was very unusual and full of knowledge. My ascend on the pass of the sacred Mount Kailash at 5800 m simply took me to a different level of life, even if my face was slightly burned. Communication with Tibetan pilgrims revealed a lot of new things about this closed mountain people. Thank you, Tamara! I recommend it to everyone!"

Inessa Nikitina,
Kyiv May 24, 2019
I want to thank Tamara Chitaia and her Club for a wonderful and informative expedition to Uzbekistan. For the program of the tour - rich, interesting, for the tour guides. I got unforgettable impressions from the trip to the bottom of the Aral Sea - it's something cosmic and Martian, swimming in the sea, sleeping in yurts, meeting the dawn, opening an open-air museum (only we know about it). We saw the Ustyurt plateau, the "cemetery of ships" and a morning walk on the camel Sara! And I also fell in love with Bukhara. What a bath there!!! In short, TRAVEL WITH TAMARA! ENJOY LIFE!!!

Natalia Derkach,
Lviv April 20, 2017
Bhutan with Tamara Chitaia
Myanmar with Tamara Chitaia
"Thanks to Tamara Chitaia, I ended up in a country so outlandish that I turned out to be a Ukrainian pioneer! Bhutan - it sounded like something incredible, many even asked me where it is? I love an active life filled with adventure, so I went to Nepal and Bhutan! This is a different reality, an island of the Middle Ages hidden in the Himalayas.I saw the king of Bhutan, visited many temples, talked with lamas even non-verbally, enjoyed magnificent views from mountain passes over 3500 meters high - the organization and richness of cultural knowledge were just on top.I highly recommend going to Bhutan with Tamara Chitaia, especially ask her to reveal her research and show you the world's oldest photographs of Bhutan from her personal collection. Travel to this rare and little researched country, it will be the best vacation of your life!"

Natalia Zolotaryova,
Kyiv May 15, 2010
"The New Year in Myanmar, the country of the largest Buddhas in the world, was bright, dynamic and very eventful! I want to thank the researcher and ethnographer Tamara Chitaia and her husband, researcher George Chitaia, they built the route in such a way that in two weeks I saw the whole country - the pagodas of Yangon, and the royal palaces, and Inle Lake with its people and the long-necked women of the Padaung tribe, and the Pagan kingdom (Bagan) with its thousands of ancient stupas and a non-falling multi-ton stone that rests on the hair of the Buddha ... Complete delight and so much impressions, I will lay them out in my memory for a long time. Tamara is an excellent storyteller and a talented leader of the Club. George is the basis of the Club and its core and strength, everything around becomes clear when traveling with them!"

Maryna Moibenko,
Kyiv January 17, 2017
Morocco with Tamara Chitaia
Nepal & Tibet with Tamara Chitaia
"Guys, Tamara, George, I'm so glad that I got to Morocco with you, a cool VIP trip turned out to be in all cities and towns ... one and a half thousand kilometers across the country, oddly enough, Marrakech disappointed me the most and fascinated the Sahara desert - Sunrise and sunset under a million stars is worth the effort of travel! The camel ride into the depths of the desert, given my rather big height, surprised me no less than dinner at the sound of Berber drums - wow! I recommend going to Morocco with Tamara and George, as it is more eventful I have never seen such an knowledgable program and such vivid communication with local residents, although I traveled with a lot of people and tried a lot. This was the best trip ever! Highly recommend Chitaia Club!"

Vycheslav Polesko,
Kyiv March 30, 2017
"I would like to sincerely thank the organizers of the incredible trip to Nepal and Tibet, Tamara and George Chitaia and the team of Chitaia Club. To see the Himalayas was my dream, not realized and not specific, but long-standing. Kailash lit up in the morning with gold and I knew - Everything will be fine! The mountain allowed you to go this way and the mood, the right mood from the organizers and leaders of the trip!
No questions are needed - what was revealed to me there, and what questions I received an answer to, this does not work like this. Who and what you think about on the road is the most important thing, but what exactly to do with it, well, by the age of 46, a person already understands this, as a rule ... There is one word that Kailash gave me - Acceptance. Not to be confused with humility! I will study this depth, my whole life is ahead of me. Emotions will diverge in memory for a long time in circles and pictures, causing a smile so uncharacteristic of us, Ukrainians, for no reason at it, and such a pure, direct, white-toothed and childlike Tibetans disappearing from this world..."

Tetiana Biryukova,
Kyiv May 28, 2019
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