You have reached the site of researcher, author, historian and traveler Tamara Chitaia. I am happy that your tireless desire for knowledge of the Universe and yourself has led you to the pages of my site. I really like that you are open and do not hesitate to ask uncomfortable questions to historians. Honor and praise to the bravest of you who dare to go beyond libraries and travel the world, finding confirmation and evidence for new ideas and knowledge.

On the pages of this site you will find original historical research, knowledge about the people of the planet and their cultures, and you will also be able to go with me to those countries where I have something to tell you, and even better to show! In my research, I am guided by logic and extensive knowledge of practical geography, ethnography and cultural studies, having visited more than forty countries and, most importantly, communicating with the people of the planet. It's always interesting!

I prefer to conduct my studies of the world order and my own reconstruction of history on the "scene" at any point on the world map.

I invite you to travel and explore with me, both on the pages of this site and live. Choose a country, I promise it will be interesting! Thank you and glad to open the world of knowledge and travel for you!
My motto:
"Better to see once than to read a hundred times!"